Why Are the Chinese So Obsessed With the Jews?

The Jews originate from the historical land of Israel. They make up 0.2% of the world population. There is a dominant population of the Jews in the State of Israel. The Jews have been known to participate actively in the development of many areas of human life. A good example is Albert Einstein, a respected physicist who propounded the theory of relativity.

Thousands of Jews migrated to China in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. The Chinese Jews soon settled in China at places like Kaifeng. The ‘love’ of the Chinese for the Jews is evident by the former desire to want to be like the latter in smartness and wealth. In fact, there are stores in China with books on how to be wealthy by emulating the Jews. Being a Jew and being rich is synonymous in the streets of China.

Reasons for the Chinese Obsession

  • 1. Achievements by Influential Jews: Jews, in the likes of Marx and Einstein have ground-breaking records They are the best in their different fields. Over the years, it became deep-rooted in the mind of the Chinese that all Jews have this characteristic.
  • 2. Shared Belief: Many Chinese are of the opinion that the Jews are smart and rich. They also believe they control the It world. This belief is passed down even to the younger generation.
  • 3. Low Population of Jews in China: China is home to a few thousands of Jews. The implication of this is that the Chinese don’t have regular contact with them. There is no way the Chinese could come to learn about who they really are. Some haven’t even seen a Jew. This makes The significance of the Jews

    20% of the Nobel Prize Laureates are Jews. See their work in different aspects of life.

  • 1. Chemistry: Ada Yanoath received a Nobel prize for his research on the structure and function of the ribosome.
  • 2. Physics: Robert Armani received a Nobel prize in 2005 for improving our knowledge of the game-theory analysis.
  • 3. Peace: Menachem Begin won a Nobel Prize in 1978 for the negotiated agreement between Israel and Egypt. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres also won a similar award for the courage displayed for honouring a political act which paved way for new development.
  • 4. Literature. Samuel Yosef Agnon won a Nobel Prize in 1966 for his awesome narration of the life of the Jewish people.
  • 5. Economics: Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize in 2002 for linking psychology with economic science which has man’s understanding of decision-making.
  • Are the Chinese view of the Jews Right?

    Many authors think the Chinese view of the Jews are stereotyped and biased. It is a clouded and one-size-fits-all formula. Though many Jews can be wealthy or clever, it will be wrong to assume all are.

    Implications of the Chinese Obsessions

    Businesses in China have capitalised on this obsession by organising classes that teach, for example, the secrets of Talmud. Books with titles like
    ‘how to make money like the Jews ‘ and’ the magic of Jewish investment’ is common in China.
    1. What do the Chinese People think of Jews? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T6OCGJbsqwg.